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ELERO® #311 Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) Resin Powder

ELERO® specific composite resins are designed for honeycomb, prepreg, pultrusion, hand‐lay‐up and resin transfer molding (RTM), sheet and bulk molding compounds (SMC/BMC), filament winding processing, paper glue modification, and abrasive bonding.

Product Introduction

The United Kingdom, France, the United States, and Japan began to use powdery synthetic resin since the 1970s. Because of its advantages of liquid reducibility, nonpollutability, and long-term storage, it has been more and more widely used.
Powder synthetic resin has the characteristics of long storage period, convenient transportation, low free formaldehyde, simple storage condition, and convenient use condition. After more than three decedes of development, our powdery synthetic resin products have reached and exceeded a number of domestic and foreign competitors in terms of environmental performance, adhesion, and usability. Furthermore, company constantly carries on the technical innovation according to the market demand so that the products meet the customer's requirement of constantly improving quality.
From the development trend, the customer's requirement is to improve the performance of synthetic resin, such as improving the adhesion force, water resistance, weather resistance, rapid curing, environmental protection, cost performance, and usability and so on. Synthetic resins market has huge application scope and demand but structural adjustment is urgently needed. the low-grade and poor-performance liquid adhesive will be eliminated, so we should vigorously develop powdery synthetic resins. 

#311 is Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) Resin Powder, which must be dissolved in water prior to use. 


Grade Appearance Mole Ratio F:M Shear Strength(Mpa) Free Formaldehyde(0℃;Powder:Water=1:1;g/kg) Number of Methylol(pcs/mol)
311 Powdery 0.63 3.5~3.8 0.08 9.2


Prior to use, the resin is mixed with water to convert into solution. A mechanical stirrer may be used for this purpose. With high speed mixer all the water may be placed first and then resin may be added, while mixer is running.If low speed mixer is used, it is better to make a homogenous mix of the resin with about 1/2 of water, and rest of the water may be added later.

The temperature of the water may be 20~30℃, because with lower water temperature, mixing is time consuming. Reconstitution can be carried out in simple mixing equipment as follows:

1. Take all the water in the mixer. The water temperature should not be below 30℃.

2. Add required amount of resin powder and mix until a homogenous solution is obtained.

3. Once a homogenous solution has been obtained, other additives and hardener will be added.


The powder resin should be stored in the original bags in a cool place protected from heat. When stored at high temperature, the storage stability will impair considerably. Care should be taken that powder does not absorb moisture and water.

The bags, which have been opened, should be carefully closed before storage. When stored in original bags at 20°C shelf life would be not less than one year.

Powdery synthetic resins VS Liquid synthetic resins


Transportation ●Small package size
●Easy transportation
●Bulk package
●Complicated transportation procedures
Storage ●Storage stability
●Long storage period
●Storage instability
●Storage period is short
Environmental protection ●Formaldehyde releases less than liquid
●Add water to dissolve and use as liquid resin
●Not easy to cause environmental pollution
●Formaldehyde emission is higher than that of powder
●If there is leakage, it is easy to pollute the environment
●Excellent durability and chemical activity
●Good heat and hydrolysis resistance
●Shear strength is higher than that of liquid
●Good heat and hydrolysis resistance
●It gradually loses its activity over time
●Poor heat and hydrolysis resistance
●Shear strength is lower than powder
Spending ●Low packaging cost
●Low transportation cost
●Low cost of human resources
●Low cost of equipment investment
●Save management cost
●Reduce the risk and cost of glue making
●High packaging cost
●High transportation cost
●High cost of human resources
●Equipment investment cost is high
●High management cost
●High risk and cost of glue making

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