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Anhui ErAKic Material Technology Co., Ltd, formerly known as Zengcheng Sanzhou Co., LTD, was founded in April 2000. Under the guidance of ZongXiang Bu's management ideas and business philosophy, Sanzhou experienced four developping stages: Brand Strategy, Diversification Developping Strategy, International Strategy and Network Strategy. It created the adhesive industry brilliant in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region. He registered Sanzhou, Sanjian, Chimei, Yaohua, Luye, Koala, Lotus, Chrysanthemum, red-crowned Crane and other brands are well known, there are still people in the market to manufacture counterfeit products.

Because the government attaches great importance to environmental protection, many manufacturing enterprises have moved to inland or remote areas. As a result, our raw material demand, supply demand, and business needs have changed. Out of a sense of crisis, Zongxiang Bu and Decai Li (Former factory director of Jiangmen Luyuan Industrial Co., Ltd) looked around for better place. In middle of 2018, they Jointly established Dongzhi Guangquan New Material Co. ltd in Dongzhi Anhui. In August 2022, Bu Zongxiang stepped down as chairman and Bu Junlong became the new chairman. In the same year, Bu Junlong restructured the company structure, transferred the R&D personnel, management personnel and sales elites, and established Anhui ErAKic Material Technology Co., Ltd,. This firm committed to the research and development, and exploration of chemical materials, and it tries to provide you with market competitiveness, cost-effective chemical materials. Change your life with new materials!

ErAKic, as a vinculum between demander and supplier, exists to optimize customer's resource chain. In this way, intermediate link has been omitted and module to module interaction and point-to-point service has been implemented. Finally, expenses will be reduced and quality will be ensured. Meanwhile, ErAKic provides a professional, digitized, and systematic service through its resources, management, and technology.

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