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Corporate Culture

ErAKic was founded in Apr. 2018. The predecessor of ErAKic can trace back to Zengcheng Sanzhou Co., Ltd which was founded in 1992, growing up at the beginning of reform and opening up. We keep the tide of the times ahead and takes user value as a goal, and experienced four developing stages: Brand strategy, diversification developing strategy, international strategy and global brand strategy through more than three decades.

The core of ErAKic is ''One-Stop Service''. Its profound meaning is to integrate high-grade resources and optimize profit chain with providing scientific management. Finally we will create value to clients continually.

ErAKic's Core Values

Customer orientation —— Treat customers as God, serve customers as our honor
Keep improving —— Regulate ourselves strictly, treat work from details
Mutual benefit —— Take customers interests first, and then ours

ErAKic's Vision

ErAKic is willing to build a professional, digitized, and systematic administration team through its resources, management, and technology. ErAkic plays a role as a facilitator, who expects to take each business cooperation as a project and carries out the work of packing all deliverables to business demander in order to achieve a BWF2B (Enterprise with Facilitator to Enterprise) mode business cooperation.

ErAKic's Working Environment

No Restrictive Formality —— We break down all formalities. In our firm, there is not obsession of hierarchy. You do not have to worry about whether your talk is appropriate or not and you also do not have to mind whether your behavior is rash or not.

Home-Like Group Atmosphere —— We live together, just like a big family. We will celebrate their birthdays or achievement. Everyone acts a very important role and we are working for our future and social responsibility in this very harmonious environment.

Bold Idealists' Paradise —— No matter which position you are holding, We only take ''Right'' and ''Wrong'' as principle. As a member of ErAKic, you can put all your imagination and creativity, and we'll decide to adopt or not by democratic vote.

Team Contains Dream, Idea, Execution —— We give each team member enough space to exert their talents instead of limiting their imagination and creativity.

Passionate Young Team —— We have annual traveling to enhance our team cohesion. We want to be able to serve our society through our professional skills because we are young and passionate.

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