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Corporate History

ErAKic has become professional over the past three decades, The following milestones show evolution process and development history.

● 1992.2: Mr Zongxiang Bu and Taiwan Yaohua Chemical Limited Company invested Zengcheng Sanzhou Private Limited Company, took Mr Zongxiang Bu as the chairman.
● 2005.12: Due to rapid increasing of market demand, we changed name to Guangzhou Sanzhou Industrial Limited Company.
● 2017.3: Through a family party, Eric Bu who is Zongxiang Bu's son raised a revolutionary idea. He expects to utilize the exsited resources and stable supplying chain of Sanzhou, recombined business mode and set up new strategy.
● 2017.6: With the development of the society, Sanzhou realized the limitation of traditional business mode and high-intensitive controlling from government to environment protection, impeded  the development and expanding of company. Through the vote by shareholders, Sanzhou finally decided to revolution.
● 2017.10: ErAKic was founded by Eric Bu, most of the members were from Sanzhou. ErAKic advocates green enterprise, high technology, networking and intelligentization.
● 2017.12: ErAKic signed a business contract with Kigali Plywood Processing Factory, and this is the first great cooperation since revolution.

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